24-HOUR CRISIS LINE (229) 890-7233

State Certification

The Colquitt County Serenity House is pleased to announce the shelter has received its state certification effective July 1, 2019!  Serenity House has been providing safe shelter and support services for survivors of domestic violence since 2002.  The Executive Director, Haley Clark, states “We are so excited for what this means for our shelter!  We are looking forward to continuing to improve our facility as well as the services we provide in the near future.”


Serenity House has a dedicated team working around the clock to ensure the safety and support of those we serve.  The shelter is a 14-bed facility that provides temporary, emergency shelter to those escaping domestic violence.  Additional services provided by Serenity House include: advocacy services, case management services, assistance finding sustainable employment, assistance finding safe housing, transportation, temporary protective orders, and much more.  “Our goal at Serenity House is to help those who reach out to us realize they do not have to go back to an abusive situation” states Clark.  The staff members at the shelter work diligently to ensure those who come to us for help leave with the ability to be self-sufficient individuals living in a safe environment.


Haley Clark would like to personally thank those on staff who work tirelessly at the shelter, the Board of Directors for all their support, and the local community for the donations that allow us to fulfill our mission at Serenity House.


If you or someone you know is in need of our services, please call the crisis line at 229-890-7233.

Board Members Pictured (L-R):

Todd Taylor, Ora Coots, Eric Gonzales, Tyler Tibbs, Russ Joiner, Bob Swadel, Shana Wertz, Haley Clark, D.W. Adcock, Judy Adcock, Kristi Griffin, Bruce Norton, Bill Bishop, Caroline Horne, Rod Howell, Sean Ladson